MachinePeek (immediate op &8)

Available in: BBC MOS, RISC OS.

MachinePeek is a special frame which can be sent to a station on an Econet network to request that it identify its hardware platform/configuration. BBC machines had to respond to machine peek, but some versions of the RISC OS Econet implementation can refuse to reply.

Alan Williams wrote a cool app called Machines which would query the Econet and bridges from an Archimedes station, showing each machine connected to the network with an appropriate icon along with its station number. I preferred my own Ecommand effort, but only because I drew the map of my network myself:

Shows a block diagram of the Don College Network 1 in 1993. Don College is actually a series of eight-sided sections at different heights with respect to one another, so the hub rooms S4B-S4E are actually angled around three radians or so of the building's hub. On S4- (there was also an S3 and S5 level, but these only had hub and turret rooms) -ABCDEF ran around the inside and -12345678 ran around the outside. There were also turret rooms which were teachers' offices and storage, plus spiral staircases.

For more Econet exploits, see KaServer.

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