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For project announcements, subscribe to the announcements list using this form. To discuss projects in a public forum, join the discussion list using this form. The following projects also have their own discussions:

Personal Help

Because there is low traffic on many mailing lists, you may prefer to contact Kade Hansson directly to ask for assistance with any beta or full release Kasoft software. Please feel free to do this if you can't get group help. We would prefer that you contact us rather than walk away from something disappointed.

Native Software for ARM Platforms

The RISC OS platform is very friendly (most of the time,) and we don't mind plugging the good work of others. Here is a list of software I have tried and recommend.

  • Director, the mega-utility to end all mega-utilities
  • Dave Higton's AntiSpam
  • Icon Technology's Writer family
  • MW Software's ArtWorks
  • Photodesk Limited's PhotoDesk
  • David Pilling's SparkFS
  • StrongEd, but I prefer Zap, and StrongHelp
  • Zap, a programmer's editor

Native Software for Non-ARM Platforms

Not everybody is fortunate to run operating systems or virtual machine platforms like RISC OS or Java for all their software needs. Kasoft recognises this, so here we plug our competitors.

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